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Some of the questions that often come to mind after an Ayahuasca retreat are: What now?, and: How do I return to everyday life? There is no generic answer to these questions since the experience is different for each individual – we are all unique and each one of us goes through a very personal journey during a retreat. However, the following tips may help you process easier the experience you’ve gone through and integrate the energies you have received more smoothly.

First of all, keep in mind that you must continue working consistently on different areas of your life, such as food, exercise, meditation, etc. Harmony and balance are achieved when all aspects of your being are oriented in the same direction. During the retreat, many of these facets are relegated to the centre (that looks after you as a true clinic), to the shaman (our doctor) and the Medicine. Now, it is your turn to assume the responsibility of taking care of yourself. As you return to your daily routine, the integration process will continue and it is after the retreat that the real work begins.

During this process, you may see yourself from a different perspective, as a transformed being with new knowledge and new tools for life, with a renewed physical and emotional energy, and plenty of inner space. Choose carefully what you will put in this new space. The process of growth and transformation is never easy. Although the most painful part is already behind you, after the retreat you must decide how you want to live your life – from love or fear. Life will present you with new challenges over and over again, it will constantly test your newly gained strength and the decisions you’ve committed to. Be aware and observe what happens. During the retreat, many deep layers have been stirred and removed and a transformational process that can take months, or even years to integrate, has begun. Always remember that the spirit of Medicine flows throughout your body, and it will guide and accompany you throughout this process.


Now you know that a traditional Shipibo healing process with Ayahuasca can also include intense and challenging moments. The energy was set in motion before even coming to the retreat and it will continue working for a while after your return home. Feel proud of yourself and appreciate the courage you had to take this important step in your life, feel like the warrior who returns home victorious, but also feel the responsibility that this implies.

Observe at what point in your life you are today. Don’t judge yourself or feel guilty if you have not taken care of yourself in the past, it’s all part of your experience – there were no good or bad decisions, only experiences that have made you who you are today. Now you can start a new chapter in your life, and you can do it with love and understanding.

It is recommended to continue with the same diet one more week after the retreat, as your body is still going through the purification process. Remember – no red meat, no pork, no alcohol, no spicy food or sugar, and salt in moderation. Drink plenty of water, a minimum of two liters per day – water is absolutely critical for the purification process of the body.

Starting the following week, take the time to work out the most appropriate healthy diet for you and make it a habit. Maybe you need more time, listen to your body, and follow your own pace. Incorporate other healthy habits in your life – spend more time in nature, exercise, meditate, have moments of leisure, and dedicate special time to loved ones. Whatever you do, try to do it wholeheartedly. Love yourself and take care of yourself first, only then can you expand your light and love to other beings that surround you. Remind yourself to feel gratitude every day, for being alive, for your home, for the food you eat, and for all the people in your life that help you learn and grow along this journey.

The astonishingly beautiful plant in the Peruvian Amazon called "The Heart of Jesus" – "Corazón de Jesús"


Emotions are energetic movements that pass through us. When we do not express them, they get stuck in different parts of our body – our organs, muscles, etc. – generating pain and even diseases over time. When we work with the Amazon plant medicines, the energy channels of our body get cleared and renewed energy starts flowing through our spiritual body. After an Ayahuasca retreat, you can feel very sensitive, your energy vortices will be very receptive and you may experience certain emotions in your environment with such intensity as if they were your own. Do not judge them or try to find an explanation, just observe and feel them, allowing those emotions to complete their process and dissolve. That energy will return to the source and it will not only do good for you but for the entire mankind.

Amazon Jungle in Peru

It is also possible that you spontaneously start discovering layers of your being that have not been explored during the retreat, those are very deep layers and Ayahuasca needs time to reach them. In this case, you may experience deep-rooted memories and emotions. Again, do not identify with them, just feel them and let them manifest. They may have their origin in your childhood, perhaps even at the time of gestation, or come from a past life, or your ancestors. Part of the work with Ayahuasca was to remove the armors that you have created, consciously or unconsciously, to protect yourself from traumatic situations that you have experienced in life. These armors have already fulfilled their function, but they remained in place, hidden and forgotten, still blocking different aspects of your life, such as love, abundance, etc. Allow yourself to gradually experience vulnerability by opening up and letting your true self emerge. Remember that every dissolved emotion and wound that is healed is for your well-being and the good of the entire planet.

It is not necessary to share your experience with everyone, do it only with those who you truly trust. You may receive criticism and all kinds of judgment from certain people, but don’t try to defend or justify yourself, understand that many of those negative reactions are only manifestations of their own fears. You actually may want to look for new environments and people with whom you will feel at ease opening up your heart like never before.

One of the main lessons the spirit of Ayahuasca can teach us is that we are part of a whole. That whole, which was identified as different gods by many cultures, is life. By becoming aware of this, we realize that there is nothing to look for outside of ourselves to achieve happiness. Life is inside us and we are that life. Important changes are likely to happen in your life when you return home, receive them with love and gratitude. After an Ayahuasca retreat, many people feel a deeper connection with what they have come to bring to this life, with their true mission and purpose. There is an awakening of creativity and a strong desire to offer all of that to the world and be at the service of life. It is a true dissolution of the ego, moving from the desire to get something for oneself, to the desire to get everything for all mankind. We walk together, we support each other, we care for each other and we heal together. We are all One.


On behalf of the entire Yosi Ocha team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and for letting us guide you through this important journey in your life. The spirit of Ayahuasca has been healing and guiding the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years. Now, this seed of love has been planted in your heart as well, and part of your new mission is to share the love that you have received so that others can also reach out for the blessings of sacred Medicines:

– Write a review about Yosi Ocha – many people around the world feel the call of Mother Ayahuasca and are willing to venture into the Amazon rainforest, but they don’t know where to go and who to trust. This is a critical issue due to the misfortunate growth of Ayahuasca tourism driven purely by commercial reasons. To open up and surrender fully to Medicine, one must feel safe, sheltered, and relaxed. Therefore, it is paramount to work with a highly-skilled, trustworthy, and pure-hearted Shaman. Help your brothers and sisters worldwide by sharing your experience from Yosi Ocha on social media.

– Tell your friends about your experience– become an agent of change, help raise the vibration of our planet, spread the word about this powerful Medicine and its many benefits, share your story, and allow more people to discover the joy of awakening with sacred plants, inspire them to travel to the Amazon rainforest, help them experience deep healing and transformation with Ayahuasca.

Love is in the air at Yosi Ocha!


After an Ayahuasca retreat, you must take good care of yourself and keep your energetic body clean and protected. According to the Shipibo tradition, the best way to do so is by performing regular energy cleansing baths and meditation. On the links below you will find the instructions on how to prepare your own baths at home, and how to meditate to strengthen the connection with the Arcana you have received during your retreat.

Three months after a retreat, especially for those who feel the need to continue deepening their inner work, we recommend you participate in another Ayahuasca retreat, either at the Yosi Ocha center, or in one of the retreats conducted by Maestro Heberto abroad, or with another skillful and trusted maestro curandero.