120 hectares of pristine Amazon jungle are about to be purchased by a construction company and turned into sand to produce concrete.

We are asking for your help to preserve this part of the rainforest and prevent an ecological, environmental and social disaster.

If, by September 30th 2022,

144 people purchase a week-long Ayahuasca retreat,

the Shipibo-Conibo people who live on this land will be able to raise the necessary funds to buy their land and stop this catastrophe.

We have to face the truth – if a construction company is allowed to purchase this part of the rainforest, it will turn it literally into sand and the long-term consequences will be disastrous:

  • the unique flora of the rainforest will be totally destroyed
  • rare and endangered animals will remain without habitat and be killed
  • the land and water supplies will be contaminated by the mining industry
  • hundreds of families will have to struggle for their livelihood
  • indigenous people will have no more access to the medicinal plants they rely on for healing
  • ancient Shipibo-Conibo knowledge of the medicinal plants will be put at risk


This part of the rainforest is located in Loreto, Maynas province in northern Peru. It is home to the Shipibo-Conibo and other indigenous tribes who coexist in harmony with each other and with nature. They depend on the jungle for their food. It is where they hunt and forage. They depend on this land for medical care, as they lack access to modern healthcare systems. However, powerful medicinal plants that grow in the rainforest, combined with their ancient traditional knowledge, have provided effective medical care for countless generations.


There is a very diverse ecosystem in this magnificent part of the jungle that includes an important amount of master trees, majestic vines of impressive sizes and forms, and varied wildlife, which includes monkeys, iguanas, toucans, etc. Rare plants and animals thrive within these 120 hectares.

The mining company aims to raze to the ground all this flora and fauna and turn it into sand, putting already rare animals and plants at risk of extinction. .


In the Shipibo-Conibo tradition, it is the majestic Amazonian trees, known as “teacher trees”, that hold the ancient knowledge of their ancestors and enable them to communicate with the world of spirits.

The Shipibo-Conibo people are the guardians of the rainforest and this land is deeply sacred to them. If the jungle is destroyed and the ‘teacher trees’ are brutally cut down, a fundamental part of their identity and cultural heritage will be destroyed.

Yosi Ocha retreat centre was built in this particular location because of the large number of magical ‘teacher trees’ that have been growing in this area for many centuries.


Many westerners have been drawn to work with Ayahuasca in recent decades. This is in part due to the ability of Ayahuasca to enable individuals to transform their lives and find meaning and purpose. Furthermore, there is a significant and growing body of evidence-based, peer-reviewed research which proves that Ayahuasca can provide safe cures for many diseases that cannot be treated effectively by conventional medicine, such as cancer, infertility, addiction, PTSD and a range of mental illnesses.

You can help the Shipibo-Conibo community to buy their land and prevent this wanton destruction by undertaking an Ayahuasca retreat at the Yosi Ocha retreat centre. If 144 people purchase an Ayahuasca retreat before September 30th, the Shipibo-Conibo will be able to raise the money they need to buy their homeland and prevent this catastrophe.

Yosi Ocha is one of the most respected Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, under the guidance of Maestro Heberto Garcia, who is recognised as one of the most powerful Shamans alive today. To find out more about Yosi Ocha retreat centre, please explore our website and read the independent reviews on AyaAdvisors, Ayamundo and Tripadvisor.

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