On March 17th 2020, Maestro Heberto fainted due to a health problem he was suffering from at the time. While in that state, he received many revelations from his grandfather and maestro – Yosi Ocha, and other Merayas, medicine spirits and Arcanas. One of the revelations was his mission to unite and maintain in the realm of light all those beings who, thanks to the profound healing work done with sacred plant medicines, have received the blessings of the universe and today are part of the great Medicine Family. This beautiful family has evolved through years of arduous work, discipline, support and guidance provided to the brave individuals who have chosen to leave the darkness behind and walk the path of light, reconnecting with the very essence of life – pure love.

In these times of global shifting, beings of light are being summoned by higher spirits to spread their light and healing energy throughout humanity and help their brothers and sisters advance on their evolutionary path. Following the instructions he has been given, Maestro Heberto began the task of reuniting Medicine Family members to guide and assist them on their spiritual journey. This work is carried out through Medicine Family rituals, which are remote connection healing rituals that Maestro Heberto conducts twice a month.

Medicine Family rituals are primarily intended for those who have already done healing work under the guidance of Maestro Heberto. It is the most indicated way to preserve the energetic, spiritual and physical body in good condition during the period in between retreats and/or ceremonies. But at the same time, these rituals are highly recommended for those planning to attend a retreat in Yosi Ocha, in order to cleanse the body and prepare both spiritually and energetically for the profound healing work with plant medicines.

If you feel the call to join the healing circle of the Medicine Family, you are welcome at any time. There is no maximum or a minimum number of rituals – the benefits of this profound healing work are cumulative:

    • Cleansing and purification of the spiritual body.
    • Keeping the lights of the aura in good condition.
    • Preserving the purity of the body’s vital energies and the energies of the medicine.
    • Deep detox of the physical body (colon, liver, blood, etc. cleansing).
    • Maintaining the activity of all the energies necessary for self-healing.
    • Strengthening and protecting the entire physical and energetic structure of the body.
    • Delving deeper into the magical world of shamanic healing and the art of ancient Meraya rituals.
    • And many other benefits that will unravel during the healing process.




Medicine Family rituals are taking place twice a month – every second and fourth Sunday of each month.

On the day of the ritual, Maestro Heberto activates a unique channel for each participant to enable a protected healing space throughout the day. The participants are given a program of activities they should perform during that day to prepare their body, mind and spirit to receive and integrate the energies channelled during the main ritual for spiritual connection (21:00–23:00) when Maestro Heberto works individually on each member. 

Below are some of the activities taking place on the day of the Medicine Family ritual, but keep in mind that the key ingredient is a positive mental attitude:

    • Special diet with healing plant infusions
    • Aura-cleansing baths
    • Breathing exercises
    • Rituals for the detoxification of the physical body (purging, enemas, liver detox, etc.)
    • The main ritual for spiritual connection (21:00 a 23:00)


On the day of the ritual, it is recommended to fast and only drink water and warm infusions. For each ritual, Maestro Heberto sends out instructions for the preparation of a special infusion that should be consumed during that day. Those who are unable to fast can eat some fresh or dry fruits during the day, or contact Maestro Heberto for individual instructions. Furthermore, the participants are recommended to follow a light vegetarian diet the day before and the day after the ritual to maximise the benefits of their work. It is highly advisable to abstain from alcohol, drugs, dairy products, sugar, coffee, pork, red meat, and all processed and spicy food.


In the Shipibo culture, aura-cleansing baths play a special role in any healing process and many of them are used during the Medicine Family rituals. The participants will receive timely instructions to be able to gather the necessary ingredients and indulge in a purifying and/or regeneration bath indicated for that day.


A great variety of breathing exercises are performed during Medicine Family rituals. They are used to induce states of trance; heal traumas; expel stagnant, negative energies; remove blockages from the energy channels; enable the absorption of positive energy, light, peace, serenity and love.


The third cycle of Medicine Family rituals includes various activities aimed at cleansing the physical body, such as purging rituals, plant enemas, liver cleansing rituals, etc. When necessary, specific instructions are given to the participants on an individual basis. Please make sure to let Maestro Heberto know about any health issue that may be related to the instructed procedures for that day (purging, enemas, liver detox).


Medicine Family Ritual – YOSI OCHA

The main ritual takes place on Sunday night, from 21:00 to 23:00. Specific instructions are given ahead of each ritual, but they always include work with 10–20 red or white candles. You can use any type of candles, although it is advisable to purchase larger ones and use them in various rituals. Additional items such as incense (frankincensecopal, palo santo, etc.) colognes, amulets, etc., can also be used, according to your preference.

The meditation is divided into different parts with a focus on a specific subject during each part. It is therefore recommended to reflect in advance about your intention for each ritual. Keep in mind that during the Medicine Family meditation, spiritual beings and entities from different realms, ancient masters and great teachers from higher dimensions are being channelled and connected with each participant assisting them in their healing process and spiritual journey.




New members who wish to join the healing circle of the Medicine Family and did not have the opportunity to work previously with Maestro Heberto, should start by booking a Remote Diagnostic for a personal consultation.

This process is required in order to connect to the energetic frequencies of Maestro Heberto’s lineage of  Meraya Masters. The codes for the opening of these channels were transmitted to Maestro Heberto by his ancestors. These channels are used to connect with the energetic frequency of the patient’s aura when the work is done from a distance.

Depending on the results of the diagnostic, in some cases, it may be recommended to undergo a remote spiritual healing treatment prior to participating in the rituals. Either way, the diagnostic will bring much greater clarity in terms of the overall state of spiritual, energetic and physical health of the participant, as well as the healing priorities.




The contribution for the participation in the Medicine Family rituals is 50 EUR per ritual. This amount should be paid at least 3 days prior to the ritual, so that Maestro Heberto can purchase all the necessary materials (special candles, colognes, and incense) for channelling and connecting with each participant.

If you want to join the healing circle of the Medicine Family rituals, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.