Private Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestro Heberto


* 2 days / 1 night
* 1 Ayahuasca ceremony
* 1 Rapé (tobacco snuff) ritual
* Traditional Shipibo rituals
* Aura cleansing plant bath
* Mud bath (optional)
* Private consultation with Maestro Heberto





2 days / 1 night / 1 Ayahuasca ceremony / 1 Rapé (tobacco snuff) ritual / Ancient Shipibo rituals / 1 Aura-cleansing plant bath

Total cost: 250 EUR per ceremony


A private Ayahuasca ceremony with Maestro Heberto is ideal for those who are travelling in Peru but do not have the necessary time to do a full retreat.

If you have worked with plant medicine before, this will be a great opportunity for you to meet Maestro Heberto and have a taste of the ancient Shipibo tradition and art of shamanism following the Meraya teachings.

If this will be your first Ayahuasca ceremony, then you can consider yourself really lucky! You are about to undergo a unique experience in a perfectly safe and protected environment and have a glimpse of the enchanted world of spirits guided by Maestro Heberto.

Before the ceremony, Maestro Heberto will do an initial diagnostic during a ritual. The next morning, after breakfast, you will have a private consultation during which you can share your experience, get feedback on it, and receive a comprehensive diagnosis from Maestro Heberto with regards to your spiritual and physical health.