Private Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestro Heberto


* 2 days / 1 night
* 1 Ayahuasca ceremony
* Rapé (tobacco snuff) ritual
* Traditional Shipibo ritual
* Aura cleansing plant & flower bath
* Private consultation with Maestro Heberto

If you are interested in booking a Private Ceremony with Maestro Heberto, please start by completing the Retreat Application Form and we will get back to you shortly.

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2 days / 1 night / 1 private Ayahuasca ceremony with Maestro Heberto / Rapé (tobacco snuff) ritual / Ancient Shipibo ritual / Aura-cleansing plant bath / Private consultation with Maestro Heberto

Price: 500 EUR per ceremony/person

A private Ayahuasca ceremony with Maestro Heberto is a true luxury ideal for those who are traveling in Peru, but do not have the necessary time to attend a full retreat.

If you have worked with plant medicines before, this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet Maestro Heberto, have a taste of the local culture and tradition, and discover the art of shamanism following the ancient teachings of the Shipibo Merayas.

If this will be your first Ayahuasca ceremony, then you can consider yourself truly lucky! You are about to undergo a unique experience in a perfectly safe and protected environment and have a glimpse of the enchanted world of spirits guided by Maestro Heberto and his ancestors.

A private ceremony with Maestro Heberto requires previous coordination on our side, as Yosi Ocha tends to be fully booked with regular clients attending weekly programs. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to contact us prior to making your booking, complete your Retreat Application Form, and let us know on which dates you would like to have your ceremony so that we can find the best way to work things out.


Transportation from and to Iquitos is included in the price of the Private Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestro Heberto and we can coordinate your pick-up and drop-off in Iquitos in accordance with your travel plans.

Once you arrive at Yosi Ocha and settle down in your bungalow, we will show you around our beautiful retreat center, you will have lunch and enjoy an aura-cleansing bath with plants & flowers to purify your energy and spiritual body and prepare for the ceremony. After that, it is recommended to rest and focus on your intentions for the ceremony. There will be no dinner, as you must go to the Ayahuasca ceremony with an empty stomach, but you can drink plenty of water in the afternoon.

Before the ceremony, Maestro Heberto will make an initial diagnostic through an ancient Shipibo ritual. After that, he will “open the space” for you and initiate the ceremony. In case you don’t speak Spanish, our translator will assist you in communicating with Maestro Heberto, and throughout the ceremony.

The next morning, after breakfast, you will have a private consultation with Maestro where you can share your experience from the ceremony and get his feedback on your spiritual and physical health and other interesting things that he may have “seen” during your ceremony.