Remote Diagnostic


* The above price is per person/case

* Please read carefully the instructions below




Total Cost: 250 EUR per person / case

If you are not able to come to Yosi Ocha, Maestro Heberto can also perform a remote diagnostic.

Through deep meditations and ancient rituals, he is able to connect with the spirit of the patient in order to identify the root cause of a problem, whether it is a health issue, emotional blockage, relationship conflict, work-related problem, etc.

If you want to do a remote diagnostic, please start by filling in the Retreat Application Form. Under the question “On which dates do you plan to stay at Yosi Ocha?”, please specify that you want to do a Remote Diagnostic. Use the Form to explain in detail the issue that you want to tackle and please make sure that you are very specific and clear in order to facilitate the work and get optimal results.

When we receive your Form, we will contact you directly for any additional information that may be necessary.

The remote diagnostic takes a minimum of three days. Once Maestro Heberto has a clear understanding of the situation, he will send you the results of the diagnostic in writing, along with the suggested action plan for future works, if necessary.