Shamanic Dieta & Training

The Shamanic Dieta & Training requires an extended stay at Yosi Ocha. Typically, it involves participating in a Mixed Ayahuasca Retreat beforehand to determine your suitability for this program.

Progressive training in shamanism under the guidance of Maestro Heberto Garcia is recommended for individuals who:

* Seek to explore the deeper meaning of life
* Are on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth
* Aim to establish a solid foundation for their healing abilities
* Aspire to assist others through shamanic healing practices

If you are interested in embarking on this exceptional journey, start by completing our Retreat Application Form and we will reach out to you shortly.

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Yosi Ocha has no standardized program for the Shamanic Dieta & Training. Mastering the ancient Shipibo healing techniques is immensely vast and must be approached on an individual basis with each apprentice. This unique journey demands a significant commitment from both the apprentice and Maestro Heberto, involving profound inner work and an extended stay at Yosi Ocha. 

Within the rich Shipibo tradition, shamanism is structured across various levels. Mastering the first level typically requires 12 weeks. For those unable to commit to a continuous 12-week program, there’s an option to divide their training into 4-week retreats and return for further training at a later date.

Before embarking on a Shamanic Dieta & Training at Yosi Ocha, you will be required to attend a Mixed Ayahuasca Retreat. This initial retreat is essential for immersing yourself in the centre’s culture and philosophy, understanding Maestro Heberto’s techniques, and discussing the specifics of your training. Also, this preparatory period will allow you to evaluate your readiness for deeper involvement in the process. This phase involves intensive cleansing to prepare your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies to receive the energies transmitted during the training. Keep in mind that the journey to becoming a healer must begin with healing oneself. 

The Shamanic Dieta & Training is particularly suited for individuals with prior experience in Ayahuasca and master plant dietasaiming to deepen their understanding of shamanism and natural medicine within the ancient Shipibo tradition. For those already familiar with Ayahuasca, a minimum 1-Week Mixed Ayahuasca Retreat is mandatory for purification and preparation. During this time, Maestro Heberto will evaluate energies received from previous dietas to tailor the program accordingly.

If this is your first experience with Ayahuasca, anticipate at least a 4-Week Mixed Ayahuasca Retreat in our centre. In exceptional cases, this period may be shortened by Maestro Heberto, but once again, each case has to be addressed individually

Through “dieting” various master plants and engaging in special rituals, participants embark on the lifelong path of a “curandero” (healer). Upon successful completion of this challenging dieta, your skills to carry out deeper healing work at the service of humanity will improve exponentially.

If you feel drawn to the Shamanic Dieta & Training at Yosi Ocha, start by filling out the Retreat Application Form providing detailed personal information and outlining your intentions for this transformative journey.