Shamanic Diet & Training

Progressive training in shamanism is meant for those who:

* Seek the deep meaning of life
* Pursue the path of personal growth
* Strive to have a stronger foundation
* Wish to help others through healing (shamanic)

If you are interested in shamanic training, a longer stay is indicated – but this will generally follow a shorter retreat, so that both we and you can assess your suitability.

Please send us an e-mail explaining what you wish to accomplish.



This program provides a wonderful opportunity for transformation and spiritual growth. It allows a deep understanding of oneself and the spiritual nature of the world that surrounds us.

A Shamanic Diet is recommended for those who already have experience with plant diets. It is ideal if you feel the call to learn the art of shamanism and natural medicine. This program offers the opportunity to become a true healer shaman, through the diets of different teacher trees and master plants, special stones and medicinal colognes.

Once this challenging diet has been successfully completed, you will have the skills and power to carry out healing work at the service of humanity.



For people who have dieted different plants and do not know what level of shamanism they are at, an evaluation is made through Ayahuasca ceremonies and rituals to see what type of energies they possess predominantly.


NOTE: The programs above do not include regular Ayahuasca ceremonies, as in other Mixed Ayahuasca Retreats. Usually, during the Shamanic Diet and Training, one can attend a maximum of 8 to 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies per month.

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