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To participate in any retreat in Yosi Ocha is necessary to complete the following retreat application form. You can submit an application regardless of whether you have booked a retreat or not. As we have a particularly high demand in certain periods of the year, if you are considering doing a retreat in Yosi Ocha, we advise you to send your application as soon as possible, as this will allow you to have more options available once you decide to book your stay. In any case, the application form will have a maximum validity of three months.

We require this information because we care about our patient’s health and need to know precisely some personal information related to their physical and mental health. This information allows us not only to determine if you are fit to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies, but it will also help us to determine the most appropriate treatment for you, as well as the necessary medical care in case you suffer from any health issues during your stay at Yosi Ocha. The provided data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be shared among the personnel of the centre trained to analyze it.

Please keep in mind that this questionnaire is personal, so if you plan to attend the retreat with other people, each person should fill out their own application form. After receiving the application form, we may request a video or phone interview, to get additional information. You will receive an answer within three days. In case you do not receive any response in that period of time, please check your Spam or write us an email.
We deeply appreciate your trust and reliance on us to accompany you in this special journey, which we believe will be a wonderfull, life transforming experience. Now, please take a moment to complete the form with the maximum clarity and precision as possible.

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    Health Information

    Cardiovascular problems (heart attack, heart surgery, palpitations)High blood pressureEpilepsyDepressionAnxietySchizophreniaSuicide attemptAsthmaInfectionsContagious diseasesObesityOthers