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Sauna and Massages – YOSI OCHA – Retiro de Ayahuasca Shipibo, Iquitos


Massages performed at Yosi Ocha are a combination of several techniques that Maestro Heberto learned from various teachers of different ethnic groups. Later on, he instructed his sisters who also learned from their grandmother, a renowned masseuse in her time, known as a sobadora” in the Shipibo culture – a title designated to a masseuse able to extract negative energies from the body of the patient using her hands.

To be able to practice this kind of traditional massage, one has to have activated the energy in the hands and in the eyes by working with hot stones. The purpose of both the sauna and massages performed at Yosi Ocha is not purely relaxation, but it has deeper healing properties. Hot stones are used to extract negative energies from the body, while the therapist can see the aura of the patient and make a diagnosis. Through massage, one can unblock energy channels and specific parts of the body with clogged energy.

The massages are performed by Maestro Heberto, or his sisters, Eunice and Karen, using various plant oils, such as coconut, cocoa, ungurahui, copaiba, aguaje, among others, combined with the essence of flowers or aromatic plants.

Massages are not included in the price of the retreat, they have to be booked in advance and paid in cash. One session costs 50 EUR, while a pack of 3 sessions (or more) costs 50 EUR per session and has to be paid fully in advance.


In addition to the massages, we also offer saunas with aromatic plants and flowers. They are especially recommended for people with asthma, bronchial, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle problems, etc. They are also very beneficial for problems with anxiety and depression, and ideal for people who just enter the centre and want to prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies in order to have a better concentration and deep purification process. When the patients are doing a dieta, they may undergo emotional oscillations, in which case the sauna helps them navigate smoother through the challenges that the medicine sometimes put them through.

Saunas are performed by Don José García, Maestro Heberto’s father. A combination of plants and flowers is used in the sauna, while stones are boiled and the person is covered with a blanket from the neck down until the steam evaporates, usually between 10 and 15 minutes.

According to the Shipibo tradition, the human body has 3 main energy channels: the channel of medicine, the channel of love and the channel of protection. Therefore, we recommend a minimum of 3 sauna sessions to release all negative energies and strengthen each one of those channels.

Saunas are not included in the price of the retreat, they have to be booked in advance and paid in cash. One session costs 50 EUR, while a pack of 3 sessions (or more) is available for 40 EUR per session and has to be paid fully in advance.