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Marriage is a sacred agreement between two souls, through which they recognize and accept the commitment to travel together along the path of life. Usually, that decision comes after months or years of living together. But sometimes, the bond between two souls can go way beyond this lifetime and the couple may have shared previous lives.

At Yosi Ocha Ayahuasca retreat center, we perform spiritual wedding rituals to strengthen the spiritual union between two people, blessed by the spirits from higher dimensions

However strong the love that unites two people may be, the life of a couple is not always easy. It is disheartening to see how many homes get destroyed without any ‘logical’ explanation, and sometimes, a special force may be necessary to face the challenges that arise. Shamans know that behind many broken homes, there are often dark energies at play, affecting different areas of family life and hindering the spiritual growth of the souls.

At Yosi Ocha, we perform different Shipibo rituals to help people resolve their love problems. Guided by the spirits of his ancestors and the plants of love, Maestro Heberto performs rituals that enable love to flow freely, reinforcing the natural magnetism of the couple.

The spiritual wedding is a ritual that forges a true spiritual union between two people, blessed by the spirits of ‘teacher trees’ and other spirits from higher dimensions.

At the same time, both partners receive special protections to prevent negative energies from penetrating their auras. They get connected to a higher power, to which they can reach out when they face challenges that could put their relationship in crisis. If you would like to perform one of our favorite Shipibo rituals and celebrate a spiritual wedding at Yosi Ocha, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.