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By making a reservation at YOSI OCHAPERUVIAN INSTITUTE OF SHAMANISM AND NATURAL MEDICINE (IPCHAMENA E.I.R.L.), you are deemed to accept all the Terms and Conditions described below:


YOSI OCHA reserves the right to determine if you are suitable to receive treatment and attend ceremonies or other activities at our facilities. To do this, you must complete the Retreat Application Form on our website where you will have to answer a series of sensitive information regarding your physical and mental health. YOSI OCHA will not share this information except with the people at the centre trained to evaluate your request. YOSI OCHA will trust the veracity of your answers in the Application Form and will not be responsible for any falsehood or omission in them.


Once you book your retreat and make your travel arrangements, you must provide the YOSI OCHA team with the details of your arrival flight to Iquitos, your departure flight from Iquitos, or the hotel in Iquitos where you will be staying, so that we can coordinate your pick-up on the day of the beginning of your retreat. It is the client’s responsibility to verify their reservations and necessary documentation for the trip to Peru and make sure that the details provided to the Yosi Ocha staff are correct.


It is possible to make secure payments through our online platform with PayPal. In order to pay through PayPal, it is not mandatory to have a PayPal account, you can also pay with your credit card through the same platform. Outside our web platform, you can pay by PayPal, Wire Bank Transfer or Western Union.

To reserve a retreat, you must pay 30% of the total amount, the remaining 70% should be paid the latest 30 days before your admission to the centre. Regardless of the payment mode, 30% paid upfront for the reservation is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the client. See the section “Cancellation” to find out the percentages applied according to the cancellation date.


The total number of retreat days is counted including the day of arrival and the day of departure, regardless of the time at which you access the center and the time you leave. Officially, the retreat is terminated after breakfast, at 10 am on the last day.


Any additional day outside of your scheduled retreat has an additional cost, depending on the length of your stay. The extension of your retreat will be subject to our availability. The additional days should be paid at the moment of the booking, preferably in cash. If, however, you need to use the Internet to make the payment, we can arrange a short trip to Iquitos so that you can settle the payment and then continue with your retreat.

In case you decide to reduce your stay and depart from Yosi Ocha earlier than scheduled, please note that you will NOT be entitled to reimbursement for the remaining days of the retreat.


Travel insurance is mandatory to protect yourself in the event of flight delays and cancellations, or case of abandonment, reduction, or cancellation of the retreat from your side, due to a family emergency or any other unforeseen events. We also recommend appropriate medical insurance for your trip to the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

YOSI OCHA is not responsible for any costs associated with delays or loss of flights, or other means of transportation, as well as an impediment to entering the country due to lack of adequate documentation. Nor will YOSI OCHA assume any cost of medical care for any health problems or accidents you may suffer during your stay at the centre.


All additional services that you request during your stay at the center, such as massages, Shipibo handicrafts, etc., must be paid in full before leaving the center, under civil liability.


The room configuration is established in order of arrival and not a reservation. You can request to share a room with a friend, or partner, and it will be granted to you if it is still available.


All YOSI OCHA guests must follow the policies of the center. These may include noise restriction, public access, care of the property, privacy, and consideration of other guests.

  • The client will not use the property except for the permitted use and will not use the property for any offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal, entertaining, immoral, or inappropriate purpose.
  • The client will not do anything that could be a nuisance for YOSI OCHA and its guests, staff, or owners.
  • The client will respect the ecosystem of the Amazon and is committed not to harming any living being, this includes not killing insects or cutting any plant beyond those used for medicinal purposes.
  • The client will take care of all accessories and furniture in YOSI OCHA and replace any item that is destroyed by another of the same type and of equal value.
  • The client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information related to other YOSI OCHA clients.


Upon your arrival at YOSI OCHA, you will be recommended to leave your passport, travel documents, and/or valuables in our safety box, which is under the direct custody of Maestro Heberto. YOSI OCHA is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings, or valuables of the client under their personal custody, except for those that have been delivered to the security box of YOSI OCHA.


YOSI OCHA reserves the right to modify any accommodation, facilities, or program activity. In the event that a customer has a complaint, he or she should notify the administrator as soon as possible, either verbally or in writing.


YOSI OCHA reserves the right to cancel any retreat, at any time, for any reason determined at our sole discretion. In this case, the reimbursement of the payments received from the reservation will constitute the total and final liquidation and release of all the claims against us. In the event of cancellation, YOSI OCHA is not liable for any loss subsequent to the cancellation of the retreat incurred due to non-refundable or non-transferable air tickets or other non-recoverable travel costs under its responsibility.


In case of cancellation by the client, regardless of the circumstances, the following refund rates will apply:
(The percentages below refer to the percentage of the total amount to be paid, including any deposit already paid, plus the outstanding amounts owed, but not yet paid):

  • Cancellation from 1 to 29 days before the booked arrival date – 0% refund.
  • Cancellation 30 to 60 days before the booked arrival date – 50% refund.
  • Cancellation more than 60 days before the booked arrival date – 70% refund.


YOSI OCHA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to rescind the use of the property or any of its facilities by the client in case of a breach of these Terms and Conditions. In this case, the client must vacate the property and YOSI OCHA will not reimburse the payment of the remaining days of the retreat, or accept any civil responsibility resulting from damages or losses for said non-compliance.


We respect your privacy, both personal and informative. YOSI OCHA will keep all the information we collect from you securely, and we will not provide this information to any external provider.

During your retreat, there may be a photographer and/or a cameraman on-site to capture any special moments. If you do not feel comfortable being photographed, please let us know in advance. Otherwise, YOSI OCHA assumes that the client authorizes the use of any and all photos for marketing and social media purposes.


When booking a reservation at YOSI OCHA, the client accepts in his name and in the name of all those named in the reservation, that he will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the client acknowledges that he has voluntarily accepted to remain at the PERUVIAN INSTITUTE OF SHAMANISM AND NATURAL MEDICINE IPCHAMENA E.I.R.L. (“YOSI OCHA”).

YOSI OCHA will not be responsible for failures beyond its control. This covers natural disasters, airport closures, civil conflicts, war, accidents, or non-compliance of third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.


  • You comply with all health and safety regulations introduced by YOSI OCHA, including dietary guidelines.
  • You will assume all extra expenses caused by illness, injury, accident or death.
  • You understand that you may be travelling to a foreign country and will participate in various activities. You are prepared to assume the risks associated with this trip, including forces of nature, terrorism, civil unrest, war, accidents, personal injuries and similar circumstances.
  • You are aware that the centre is located in the Peruvian Amazon and that there may be a risk of tropical diseases, as well as insects and poisonous animals.
  • You acknowledge that you are aware that participation in YOSI OCHA activities may involve the ingestion of the entheogen known as Ayahuasca and/or other plants with psychoactive principles.
  • You recognize that your participation in YOSI OCHA activities can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
  • You understand that you may experience dizziness, nausea and/or other physical disorders, including vomiting and diarrhoea. You accept full responsibility for anything that may occur, including emotional disturbances, mental disorientation and all possible manifestations of physical, emotional and mental changes.
  • All activities at YOSI OCHA are fully flexible and participation in all activities is voluntary for each participant. You acknowledge that you choose to attend ceremonies and other activities at YOSI OCHA as a result of your own research, interest and goodwill.
  • You accept that YOSI OCHA does not make promises about the cure of diseases of any kind, or about the nature of any spiritual experience.
  • You acknowledge that the information you have provided in your Retreat Form Application is accurate, and you assume full responsibility for any incomplete or false information in your answers.
  • You certify that you do not have any physical condition or disability that could create a risk for you, or other participants, during your stay at YOSI OCHA. You acknowledge that you are in good physical shape and that you are fit to participate in any activity scheduled during your entire stay.
  • You accept taking full responsibility for your own actions, safety and well-being, including unforeseen events, injuries, illnesses, emotional traumas or death.

Both parties agree that any controversial or divergent aspect will be within the competence of the Judges and Tribunals of Iquitos.