The TeamYosi Ocha is one of the very few centers in the Peruvian Amazon still fully managed by local staff. We consider this a great value, since it allows us to offer truly authentic shamanic treatments and at the same time, it provides our visitors the opportunity to connect with the original Shipibo culture without any intermediaries. We pride ourselves on being a big family and do our best to share our affection and warmth with all our guests, from the moment we pick them up at the airport and throughout their stay – in the way we prepare the rooms and the meals, and in every ritual and ceremony.

Maestro Heberto, Director of the Institute, is in charge of all the treatments that are administered in the centre. At the same time, his wife Mercy, his mother Ines and his four sisters are making sure that everything runs smoothly in the ‘physical realm’. Heberto’s parents are excellent artisans and they constantly contribute to the decoration of the centre with beautiful Shipibo art crafts, traditional Shipibo fabrics, wood-carved pipes, maracas and all kinds of objects used in the ceremonies.

Maestro Heberto is frequently assisted by other shamans who work under his direction, thus making a special contribution with their own knowledge and experiences. Each shaman has one or various specialty and can be, for example: tabaquero, ayahuasquero, tosero, huachumero, etc. Often, he is assisted by one of our lovely shamankas, or Shipibo medicine women. While female participants can find this reassuring, the balance of masculine and feminine energies is of great importance when it comes to doing work in the spiritual world. Their deeply healing icaros contribute to the transcendental beauty of the ceremonies. In addition, they can draw out evil spirits, relieve nausea and through their own visions often contribute new perspectives.


Yosi Ocha team is also made up of other people without whom neither the centre nor our digital operations would be possible. We want to thank all of them for the great work they do every day!

A special thanks to Nico Bruce for his texts written from the heart.

Thanks! Iráque!